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Thank you for purchasing my extension. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thank you so much!

Created: 08/12/2017 | By: Magenest | Support Portal:



Magenest Booking is a one-stop solution for booking companies on Android devices. Companies can now track events, attendance, and check-in attendees with their Android smartphones or tablets, everything on-site.

Compatible with magento 2.1 + magento 2.2

For more details, live-demo and user reviews, please visit: Event Ticket

Features :

The extension is packed with the following features: 
    • Track event and attendance status: Managing staff can take a quick look at the app and get real time access to a list of events as well as their attendance status – tickets available, tickets used, and tickets unused.
    • Scan ticket barcode to get attendee info in seconds. This speeds up the check-in process, making the experience pleasant for customers and management easy for staff
    • Check ticket codes to ensure they are valid.
    • Confirm check in with the press of a button.

This application works with our Event Ticket Extension for Magento 2. Get more details below or visit:

System Requirements :

Android 5.0+

Installation :

  • On your Magento 2 website :
    • Make sure that you have installed our Event Ticket API magento extension to your website.
    • You would install 2 extensions: Magenest_EventTicket and Magenest_TicketApi
  • On your mobile
    • Magenest Booking app installed

User Guide :

  1. On Magento2 backend :

    1. Create "Event Ticket API"  user role (e.g    User role "magenest" with 1 resource is Ticket API) :

    b. Create "Event Ticket API" account to login android app (don't forget assign him/her to relevant role) :

  2. On Mobile :

    1. Login
      • You can try
        •      (website url)    (We may consider the website url you attached on the cart)
        • magenest                                              (username)
        • magenest123                                        (password)
    1. Scan code (bar code, QR code, ...). Don't forget click to "SCAN" button to rescan.

      • You can try to scan this:

    2. Check ticket information (customer info, ticket detail, ...)

    3. Redeem (click to "USE CODE" button)

    4. Check report


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